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Flaunt-it Lift

$21.00 USD

Achieve the perfect support and coverage with our Flaunt-it lifts. These boobie lifters boast a sleek, thin surface, providing seamless coverage along with a flap that gently pulls and secures your breast in place. Reusable and washable, Flaunt-it lifts are discreet and ideal for wear under silk and loose fabrics. Experience the support you need for deep plunging and backless outfits, and let our breast-lifting nipple covers create your effortless shape and desired support!

Flaunt-it Lift- Crafted for breasts with a small-medium drop and gives the breast a natural teardrop shape to enhance your silhouette. It's essential to be aware that if you require a larger lift, there may be some wrinkling of your skin at the top when pulling your cup up.

Size: Small
Size: Small

Product information

100% Silicone


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1. Wash your skin to remove any moisturisers and natural oils before using your product, ensuring your skin is clean and dry before applying.

2. Gently peel off your protective cover and position the cup onto your breast.

3. Lift your breast with your flap and pull your breast up into position, pressing down firmly to secure it into place.
Repeat on the other side.

Make sure to keep your protective film somewhere safe as it is needed to protect your adhesive when not in use.


Support your breast with one hand and gently peel off your bra with the other.


Hand wash with warm soapy water and allow to air-dry. When dry, place your protective film covers back onto your adhesive, ready for your next use.

  • Recommended to wear for 6-8 hrs.
  • Do not use on sensitive, broken, irritated, or sunburnt skin.
  • If you experience any discomfort, remove immediately.