“Bzez” a cheeky word in Arabic for breasts”

My Story

My name is Talene and I am the owner and founder of Bzez.

I underwent breast augmentation surgery over a decade ago. I later found out there was a prevailing misconception that I no longer required undergarments – that my "Bzez" were to meant to be perfect post-surgery. This couldn't be further from the truth! I then searched for breast stylers, similar to bras tailored to specific needs. Just as you shop for push-ups, cleavage enhancers, comfortable T-shirt bras, or bras that offer separation, I was on the hunt for coverage and security without the confines of a traditional bra. I didn't require a bra solely for support and haven't worn one since 2021. I craved shape, the ability to maneuver my breasts to suit certain outfit styles, and essential nipple coverage, particularly with my teenage children who preferred not to not see my 'headlights'.

In 2022, I launched Bzez, introducing a new style breast cover that offers more extensive coverage and shape than a nipple cover. Since then, we've expanded Bzez into a comprehensive range of breast products designed to help women navigate their boobie dilemmas with ease.

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In the dynamic world of fashion, women are frequently seeking ways to navigate evolving style trends,especially for low plunging, cutouts, backless, and strapless attire. Bzez aims to bridge the gap between women aspiring for fashion freedom and those grappling with the challenges posed by their breast size and support needs.

We achieve this by offering secure and adaptable solutions, empowering women to overcome these obstacles and confidently embrace their desired style choices.

We proudly offer the newest styling accessories designed to enhance your chest, elevating every outfit to effortless and flawless perfection.

At Bzez, we are dedicated to educating and empowering women, providing insights into adhesives, how they work, the techniques to layer our products, and ultimately enabling women to effortlessly achieve their desired look for any chosen outfit.

As the founder of Bzez, my mission is to empower every woman to confidently embrace and express their unique fashion choices, ensuring they can effortlessly live out their ultimate style dreams.

"Empowering Women: Founded by Women, Owned by Women."


At Bzez, we have carefully selected premium-quality materials and our products undergo third-party testing to ensure they are safe and gentle on your skin. Our collection features innovative adhesive products, including ultra-thin nipple covers, strapless bras, and our unique biological adhesive breast tape. Our products set us apart with the latest advancements in comfort and effectiveness, while also being versatile and reusable.

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