Care Instructions


Wash your skin and gently exfoliate the area to remove any dead skin cells.

Ensure you are not hot and clammy or sweaty as this will prevent your cups from sticking on properly. Once they're on they will not be affected by sweat or moisture.

Place your clothing on first before applying your cups to eliminate the need for constant readjusting.

1.     Slowly peel off the plastic film cover and keep it somewhere safe. The cover is reusable and is needed to preserve the longevity of your glue

2.     Place the cups lightly into desired position on your breasts

3.     When you have found the perfect placement, press down firmly on the cups to secure the adhesive into place

4.     Removal- Support your breast with one hand and gently peel off your cups with the other. Cover your cups with the protective film


Hand wash only, using
warm water and a small amount of liquid soap, massage the glue around the edge of your cups and completely rinse off. Shake off any excess water and allow to air-dry with the glue facing upright. Washing your cups after each use will revive
your glue. Make sure to store your cups with the protective film cover when dry.

Moisturisers and oils will damage your adhesive and they will become defective – Ensure your skin is clean and dry before using your cups.

Recommended to wear for a maximum 6-8 hours

Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs

Do not use on sunburned skin, open wounds or if you have thin or sensitive skin