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The Beginner's Guide to Wearing Adhesive Bra Cups

Wearing adhesive bra cups is trickier than wearing a regular strappy bra since there are no straps and you have to deal with two different cups instead of one. But...

Wearing adhesive bra cups is trickier than wearing a regular strappy bra since there are no straps and you have to deal with two different cups instead of one. But this does not automatically mean that it is harder to decipher. Just like anything else, all it takes is a little bit of practice for it to become second nature. Backless and strapless tops and dresses look fantastic when paired with adhesive bra cups. You may achieve ample cleavage while concealing your breasts completely by purchasing high-quality lightweight adhesive bra cups in the size that works best for you.

If not used properly, adhesive bra cups can also be uncomfortable and even counterproductive. You can wear a silicone bra for up to 8 hours without discomfort if you take adequate care of it, position the cups properly on dry skin, and apply them one at a time in an upward, rolling motion. And if you give yourself some time to study this guide and educate yourself on a few key aspects of adhesive bra cups, then you'll be an expert in no time.

Start it Right!

When looking for adhesive bra cups, one of the most crucial considerations to make is how well it fits. Because there won't be any straps or a band to help hold the bra in place, the cup size is going to be the most imperative component in determining how well the bra will fit you. The cups of a silicone bra, in contrast to those of a traditional bra, may not always cover all of your breast. The breast support garment will conceal your nipples without making your breast tissue protrude in any way.

There are a lot of people that wear the incorrect size bra. Find out what your actual size is by either having your bra measured or getting fitted for one. Purchasing an item of clothing in the size that you believe you are rather than the size that you actually are can cause fit issues.

Putting on adhesive bra that are one size smaller than your actual size will provide the appearance of having more cleavage. Bras with a smaller cup size tend to be lighter, which means they won't drag your breasts down as much. In addition to this, they bring your breasts closer to one another. However, true as these may be, it is still not a good idea to purchase adhesive bras that are more than one size smaller than your actual size. If the bra is overly tight, it will dig into your breasts, which will cause a line to appear under your apparel.


Quick Tutorial on Wearing Adhesive Bra Cups

Wipe and Dry

Make certain that your skin is free of dirt and that it is completely dry before you begin. You should wash your breasts with a gentle soap and water to remove any residue from the skin, as well as oil from your body. Apply a light, gentle pressure with a fluffy towel on your skin. Before putting on adhesive bra cups, make sure that you do not apply any powders, oils, lotions, or fragrances to the area around your chest in any way.

Check the Symmetry

You will get a better outcome for a symmetrical fit if you stand in front of a mirror while donning your adhesive bra cups — this will give you more control over the fit.

One Cup at a Time

Invert the cups so that the rims are facing outward, then press each cup firmly into place at the correct angle, one at a time, before moving on to the next cup.

Learn to Work the Angle

To get a variety of styles, you can position the adhesive bra cups at a variety of different angles, depending on the neckline of the dress you are wearing. Put your breasts closer together, then paste the cups from side to side with a push-up effect. This will give the appearance of having a larger cleavage. Put your bra up higher than you normally would if you want your figure to appear more perky. At first, it could take a few tries until you achieve the ideal form and fit you're going for. However, once you have learned the talent, it will be a walk in the park for you.

Make it Less Bumpy!

It is important to remember to use your fingertips to round off the corners of the silicone cup. Eliminate all creases and lines that are evident for a finish that is flawless and beautiful.

Tips and Tricks for Adhesive Bra Cups

Look for Any Signs of Leaks

Examine the surface of your adhesive bra cups for any signs of moisture or punctures if your bra is an older model. This can help you determine whether or not any of the silicone is escaping. There is a possibility that silicone applied directly to naked skin poses a health risk, despite the fact that experts cannot reach a consensus on the topic. If you have any reason to believe that the bra you are wearing contains silicone, it is best to replace it. Keep your bra cups in a secure location away from any sharp objects to avoid embarrassing accidents.

As Much as Possible, Do not Keep it in Use for Over 8 Hours

After a maximum of eight hours, take off your adhesive bra cups. It is recommended that you should not use bras made of silicone for extended periods of time. Because the material prevents the skin from breathing, wearing it for an extended period of time can lead to discomfort as well as irritation.

Wash After Every Use

The majority of the time, you just need to use some soap and warm water. Rinse your adhesive bra cups carefully under running warm water, and then use a gentle soap to scrub away any dirt or sweat that may have accumulated. After that, remove any remaining moisture from the bra by patting it lightly with a dry cloth. Silicone has been shown to collect particles such as dust and lint, which can promote the growth of bacteria. When you wear the bra again, keeping it clean will help reduce the amount of irritation that it causes. And if you have nails that are very pointed, you should take extra precautions to avoid puncturing the surface of the bra when you are washing it.


Where to Get the Best Adhesive Bra Cups?

Using a Bzez Cup is easy! They have adhesive around the edge of the cup only, leaving the majority of your breasts free from glue, making them more breathable and comfortable to wear and the best part? They won’t attach to your sensitive bits! They stick on easily to your skin, stay on all day and are painless to remove. Bzez Cups enhance and cover your natural breast shape. You’re getting maximum coverage, shape, and comfort with minimal adhesion. You won't even realise you're wearing them!

Not everyone has the same shape breasts and fit into one category, which is why not all bras or adhesive bra styles work for everyone. However, Bzez is hitting the market with a new style and invention. You no longer need to conform to one particular breast shape anymore. Two separate cups give you the choice of placement, higher or lower, diagonal, or horizontal, there is no set way to wear them, you have the freedom to choose what works best for you and your outfit!


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