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Looking for Adhesive Bras? Check Out These 6 Tips First Before Buying One

We understand that the number of available adhesive bras in Australia can be frustrating, whether you're a first-time wearer or just trying out a different type. Are you debating whether...

We understand that the number of available adhesive bras in Australia can be frustrating, whether you're a first-time wearer or just trying out a different type. Are you debating whether or not to join the backless strapless bras craze, but are unsure if they actually function (or last)?

What's the difference between a backless bra and simply going braless, you might be wondering? While going braless is a freeing experience and one of life's basic pleasures for any woman, you're left with no support beneath your clothing. Worse yet, there's always the threat of a nip slip lurking around the corner! You can get the covering and the support you need over and over again with a reusable backless bra - no inadvertent flashing required.

Adhesive bras offer shaping and coverage than lift. Therefore, these sticky bras are more convenient for small to average cup sizes. However, with the thoughtful design and innovative technology behind Bzez, even women with larger cup sizes can now enjoy the benefits of a strapless, backless bra.

Most adhesive bras in Australia are commonly measured according to the cup size. As per various band sizes, adhesive bra cup sizes varies, hence you have to adjust the size with smaller or larger band size. The regular type of adhesive bras are made of silicone.


Adhesive bras in Australia is a new type of bra that most women are unfamiliar with, yet they were first introduced in 2002 by the Nubra brand. Almost a two-decade history!

You should be aware that the terms self-adhesive bra, silicone bra, stick-on bra, sticky bras, and Nubra (the brand that pioneered the adhesive bra) are all interchangeable. The phrase "adhesive" is important because this sort of bra has an adhesive lining inside the bra cup, and the stickiness is what allows it to stick to your chest.

Adhesive bras are usually transparent and seamless. Because most of them are made without restricting straps on the shoulder or in the back, an increasing number of women are discovering the freedom and comfort that modern bra styles provide.

Most women own clothing that is difficult to match with a bra, such as off-shoulder, spaghetti, backless, halter, low cut, deep v, and so on. Adhesive bras are without a doubt the issue solutions! One adhesive bra can be worn with a variety of outfits.



There are several different varieties on the market for adhesive bras. You must be aware of the various sorts of adhesive bras in order to select the best one for you. Backless push-up adhesive bras, lightweight adhesive bra cups, backless underwire bras, adhesive pasties, U Plunge backless bras, the original push-up bra, and others are examples of adhesive bras. 


The most fundamental technique to find the ideal adhesive bra is to know what you're looking for. Even though all adhesive bras are strapless and backless, the characteristics differ depending on the type of adhesive bra. To select the adhesive bra, you must first understand the features of an adhesive bra.


Almost every adhesive bra comes in a variety of conventional hues, including nude, pale pink, and other flesh-toned tones. The adhesive bras are also available in a variety of colors, including black and white, as well as printed designs. You must select the color of the bra based on your personal style and preferences. Black would be the greatest choice for dark cored dresses, while nude would be ideal for a variety of ensembles.


The majority of adhesive bras are designed to reveal some cleavage, although some adhesive bras have a lower cut than others. So, before you go out and buy an adhesive bra with an unusually low cut, think about the clothes you'll be wearing. Examine the offered images to gain a better understanding of the adhesive bra's appearance.


Some adhesive bras come with separate cups that you must attach at the bottom of your bust with a clasp. This design allows you to show off your cleavage while wearing an adhesive bra. Some of the adhesive bras include two cups that are attached. These sticky clasp bras are less apparent.


The most important thing to remember when shopping for a bra is to know your cup size. The majority of adhesive bras are available in cup sizes A to D. Though the greatest adhesive bras come in DD cups and other sizes as well. Some even provide a size chart based on a standard band and cup size. This information will assist you in selecting the adhesive bra. When purchasing an adhesive bra, go for an up-cup size to ensure a correct fit. Examine the product description and directions, as well as the evaluations, to determine the best size.


adhesive bra cups

• Apply on skin that isn't broken, injured, or sunburned.

• If you're afraid about having an allergic reaction to the adhesive, try a patch test on yourself beforehand. Because it isn't hairy, the inside of your arm is a nice spot to put it because it won't hurt as much when you remove it.

• If you use moisturizers or powders on the area before applying it, it will be more difficult for it to adhere to your skin.

• If you sweat a lot, the adhesives may come loose. If this is a concern, try to avoid using them or place the adhesive in an area where you won't sweat much.

• Before applying anything to the skin, make sure it's clean and dry. Rubbing alcohol can help remove oils and dirt.

• If you're having difficulties getting it off, take a hot shower or soak in the tub.

• If there is any sticky residue left on your skin after removal, use some baby oil to cotton wool and gently wipe it away. Solvents such as nail polish remover will also help, but they will be harsher on your skin.


Bzez provides countless of varieties of adhesive bras in Australia. We aim to help every women who find the conventional bra difficult and annoying, and are so done with it. Check out our products HERE or contact us and we will get in touch with you immediately.


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