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Are You Having Problems with Your Adhesive Bra? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Most of us won’t go out of the house without wearing a bra. We feel naked or incomplete without it, even if we’re just at home doing our daily routine....

Most of us won’t go out of the house without wearing a bra. We feel naked or incomplete without it, even if we’re just at home doing our daily routine. Wearing a bra has become a necessity, after all. In the past most women endured the discomfort and pain just to conform to the demands of society that it’s necessary to wear a bra.

But over the years, the typical bra has evolved immensely, thanks to the growing need and demand for more comfortable and versatile options. Nipple covers, seamless bras, and other undergarments are becoming a hit. Today, there’s a huge trend for adhesive bras considered more versatile than any other options on the market.

What is an adhesive bra?

adhesive bra - BZEZ

Also known as a stick-on bra, an adhesive bra is essentially a type of undergarment that doesn’t have the typical back that you snap on to keep the bra together. It also lacks straps that can be annoying, particularly when wearing certain outfits.

Instead, BZEZ created two separate cups with an adhesive lining that sticks to your chest however you want to wear it. Unlike your typical bra, an adhesive bra is more convenient, stylish and comfortable to wear, and it also allows you to enjoy these amazing benefits:

You can wear it with your favorite, more revealing outfit. With an adhesive bra, you don’t need to worry about straps showing or your back exposing if you’re wanting a little more flesh to show. Since you only need to stick them on your breasts, you can wear your more revealing outfits without worrying about anything sticking out and ruining your look. Instead they will enhance your shape and contour around your natural breast.

You can wear your favorite halter tops, backless dresses, strapless gowns and cropped tops without being too conscious about how your bra will cope with what you’re wearing or if anything will suddenly stick out.

Choosing the exact size and fit. Finding your exact bra size can get tricky, especially since measurements may vary depending on the brand you’re buying. When you invest in an adhesive bra they typically come in basic sizes and fit most breasts. Follow the recommended size guide.

You can pack it easily. BZEZ cups come in a small dust bag, so they can be packed together and easily found in your luggage. The best part, they take up minimal space.

You can easily manipulate it. Unlike your typical bra where you have to conform to its shape, an adhesive bra is easy to store and use, so you can wear it however you want so it fits your outfit. With a design that can be turned around in any direction, your BZEZ cups can be strategically placed individually on each breast to suit the style outfit you require cover for.

How long can you wear a self-adhesive bra?

As a general rule, you can wear your adhesive bra for up to 6-8 hours. Although some people can wear their bras longer without feeling anything, others may start to experience skin irritation and discomfort when they wear theirs for an extended time. It’s all about testing what works for you and following that time frame to make sure you stay comfortable while wearing your bra.

Depending on how you care for your adhesive bra and the quality of the product you bought, you can use the adhesive bra up to 50 times. You shouldn’t leave your self-adhesive bra on overnight, and make sure to wash it right away to preserve its glue.

Why does your adhesive bra stop sticking?

Although adhesive bras are designed with an adhesive lining meant to last for a long time, you might start to notice that it eventually looses stickiness over time. This is especially true if you don’t care for your adhesive bra correctly. So, if you’d like to keep your adhesive bra in good condition for a long time, here are some tips that you can follow:

Wearing your adhesive bra properly

The first step to making your adhesive bra last longer is to know how to wear it properly:

Start by cleaning your chest area. A lot of women make the mistake of wearing their adhesive bra right away without cleaning their chest area. But if you are going to maximize the stickiness of the adhesive lining, you need to make sure that it’s sticking on clean, dry skin, free from all moisturizers and oils.

If it is very humid and you are perspiring whilst trying to place your cups on, they will not stick properly, and you will feel them coming loose. Make sure your skin is very dry and you are not overheating when trying to place them on. Try using a towel, fan or hairdryer on the cool setting for a few minutes to normalize your body temperature in the area you are trying to place them.

If you haven’t showered, you should wash your chest area with soap and water to get rid of any oils that could affect the stickiness of the adhesive. Then, use a soft towel to pat dry your chest area, preparing it for your the adhesive bra.

Don’t wear any products on your breasts. Since you already cleaned your chest area, you shouldn’t apply any product to it—either powder, oil, perfume, or lotion—to ensure the adhesive bra will stick to it properly.

Position your adhesive bra properly. One of the best ways to get the most stickiness from your adhesive bra is to know how to wear it properly. Follow the instructions indicated for your adhesive bra and apply it by standing in a mirror, you need to position the adhesive bra in the direction that will suit your outfit. You may want to put your outfit on first to decide the angle that will work best for your cups. Lightly place the cups on your breast and when you're certain you want that spot. Press down firmly to hold them into place. Try not to readjust them too many times as they will begin to lose their stick and will need to be rewashed to revive the glue, as tiny skin particles collect on it.

Remove your adhesive bra properly. It’s a huge mistake to rip the adhesive bra off after using it, especially for an extended time. Instead, you need to support your breast with one hand and gently and slowly peel off your cups from top to bottom with the other to avoid any pain and irritation on your skin.

If you’re having a hard time removing your adhesive bra, you can put a warm, damp cloth over your chest area for a few minutes to slowly soften the adhesive, making it easier to remove the bra.

Caring for your adhesive bra

Like any other piece of clothing, it’s vital to take proper care of your adhesive bra by making sure it’s washed and stored well:

Wash it regularly. Since a lot of sweat, dirt and tiny dead skin particles can accumulate on your adhesive bra, you need to wash it after wearing it. Ultimately, you need to wash your adhesive bra as soon as you take it off. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when washing your adhesive bra, and never put it in the washing machine.

To do this, use warm water and a mild soap. Start by wetting your cups with warm water and with your mild soap, start massaging the glue with your thumbs in circular motions all around your cups. Rinse out the soap and shake off any excess water from your cups and allow them to air dry. Make sure that you dry your adhesive bra properly, but never put it under direct sunlight or dry it in a dryer. Instead, air-dry it in a cool, dust-free area where you put them opposite from each other facing upwards.

Store it properly. Storing your adhesive bra the right way is as important as washing it regularly. If possible, you should keep your bra in the same packaging it came with. Never place your bra alongside clothes or towels since fibres could easily stick to the adhesive. If something sticks on the adhesive, remove it gently using your fingers. Avoid using any device that could cause damage to the bra.

The plastic film your cups come with is very important and must be kept in a safe place for restoring. Anytime you are not using your cups they must be stored with the protective film. The protective film keeps your glue revived. If they are uncovered for long periods of time the glue will weaken, dry out and lose its strength. After washing your cups and they are completely dry, place your protective film onto your cups and store them in your dust bag for future use.

Of course, it’s crucial to invest in the right adhesive bra. While you can easily find a lot of these products on the market, you need to choose one that’s made of high-quality materials to guarantee that you can enjoy it for a long time. 

You also need to avoid wearing your adhesive bra if you have injuries, sunburn, or rashes on your chest area. Wait for these conditions to heal fully before you start wearing your bra again. And if you experience any pain while wearing the adhesive bra and even after removing it, you need to consult the doctor right away.

Are you ready to give adhesive bras a try?

You’ll surely enjoy the level of comfort, convenience, and style that it will give you, especially when you use the products properly as per instructions. Do your research, find the right adhesive bra brand like Bzez, and make sure you take good care of your bra to ensure that it lasts for the longest time possible.

Finally, do not rush on your purchase just because you found one that’s cheaper than the rest. Do your research to ensure a well-informed buying decision.


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